Sunday, September 26, 2010

Busy Day a Painting...

Today was a busy day. Mommy was hosting dessert club, so Abby had to hang out with daddy for most of the day. Though, I am not sure if she felt that was a hardship or not. At 4 when it was all over, I asked Abby if she wanted to paint and she said yes. We have run out of painting paper. (I know, bad mom.) However, we have a bunch of canvases, I wasn't thinking very well and decided to try to use some of our watercolor paint on an acrylic canvas.
The end product is very nice, but the process along the way was a bit iffy. I had grabbed all the watercolors and put a little in each section of the paint palette. One of the colors was black and Abby decided that she definitely liked black and brown. So it was starting to look very dark. i will admit we blotted down the color a couple of times and she let me add some color at the top...the blues and reds are mine. (Everything else is Abby.)
Then we did a larger canvas using acrylic. Abby started off using the paint brushes but towards the end she wanted me to squeeze a little paint out and just let her scrap it on. :) She kept calling the white blue (even though it was in a green container) and the red, green. We are definitely hoping it is just learning colors and not that she is colored blind.
Thanks for reading...and hope we produce some more art soon. SHeldon wanted to give grandma Mary the first dibs on these paintings, but I told him I really like the small one. They both look like they are birds in them to me. An owl, and a humingbird. Can you see it?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Abby Creates

Abby loves to paint. When she was little I would ask her if she wanted to paint---She says, "paint", and walks over to the area where I have laid everything out at and sits right down. Well now that she is a "big" girl of 22 months she is still very much the same. Every day she would paint if she could get the chance and she is very particular about what colors and how much paint she wants.

Some days she will do a 5 minute painting and have tons of white space left. Other days you cannot remove the paint from her hands as she layers coat after coat. When she does this I tend to make monoprints out of her art. Well they actually turn into triple prints because she uses so much paint.

Sheldon and I love to look at her art, as it is so abstract and we can usually see lots of movement in her art. It will be so fun to talk to her about what she has drawn when she is older as now we say--oh here is a "blah" "blah" "blah...and it will be fun to hear her it is something totally different.

One of my favorite things that I do with Abby's art is turn it into cards for family members. I usually cut it into 4ths and sew them to card fronts. I have been thinking about selling some on Etsy as we have so much art and I would love to share it with others.

The above picture of Abby & Daddy painting with some finger paints that grandmamama brought with her on her last visit. I think this was Abby's longest painting session to date and she enjoyed painting on daddy as well. Plus, she was such a mess that at the end we just ended up throwing her in the tub with her clothes and all on. She enjoyed that too as she loves water. Which is probably one of the reasons that blue is one of her favorite colors to paint with right now. However, we are finding that she is using brown more and more. I wonder if she knows that fall is around the corner.

You will also see that Abby didn't want daddy to feel left out of the painting project as she added a little blue paint to his knees.

Have a great day.

Jennie & Crafty Abby