Thursday, October 7, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Abby and Mommy have been busy.  We have decided to open an etsy shop.  And so while Abby is napping Mommy has been working at getting some items started for the shop.  Also, to increase exposure we made some cards to share with the local Quilters Guild.  I took one of Abby's finger paint paintings and cut it into 9 square blocks and then turned them into a disappearing 9 patch.  I love how they turned out because with the dimension of the paint and different colors it makes the square look like a full sized quilt.

After all that cutting and gluing, I decided to sew them also.  That was a lot of fun.  The finishing touches were a little bit of bling and vintage button hair pins.  Those are the main "sell" and I think they are gorgeous.

Later this evening I worked on some butterfly cards out of another piece of Abby's art.  She loves butterflies.  Whenever we are outside and she sees one, she signs butterfly and loves to watch them.  Also she loves to see them in books and she calls them butters.

I will be posting those cards and other pics tomorrow.

Have a great night.  Below is the original idea I came up with before I used Abby's artwork.  It is very pretty but I love the look of hers better.  I am probably a bit biased but the bold colors pop.

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  1. Love the quilt cards - i need to buy some. I see Little Princess has her important items one needs for a good nap- her bookie, dolly, and kitty ;)