Monday, October 25, 2010

More new art....

Abby and I have been gone for a week visiting grandma and grandpa in NC. It was a very nice visit. We are very lucky we will get to see them again for Abby's birthday at the end of the month.

And yes, that is Abby doing flips.  :)  After getting through the initial "hookup" she loved the  jumping.  Grandma is in the background with the biggest smile on his face.

While we were in NC we talked with a store about potentially selling some of our cards. They seemed to like the quilted cards...but wanted to see some more samples and have a pricing list. Yikes.

I decided to try and make some "easier" cards. I took Abby's art and am now weaving it. It turned out pretty nice. At first I thought it was pretty plain but once we backed it on cards and sewed them together they turned out nice.

I have always been wanting to make myself a paper quilt...but instead I took a larger section of some new art that we made last night and it turned it into a weaved wall hanging.

Thanks for looking. Hopefully more to come soon.

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