Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tissue Paper?

Yesterday, Abby and I were watching Mr. Rogers. Or I should actually say, I was watching Mr. Rogers. (I love Mr. Rogers. I grew up watching him and even watched him sometimes in high school. Right now, Abby is like "Arthur, Arthur, or Bob, Bob." Not Saying Fred, yet.) Well on the episode we were watching there was a segment with Eric Carle of Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and of The Very Hungry Catipillar fame. I was fascinated by his art process. So after Abby went to bed I did some research and last night bought some tissue paper so that we could experiment.

I am so excited. I want to do some more. LOL Abby actually had a lot of fun painting the paper. We ended up painting 2 sheets of tissue paper. Then she was done because she dumped the rest of the paint.

After she ended up going to bed I made little cards out of the tissue paper. It has a very nice delicate look to them.   We are going to put these cards up in our etsy shop and add a few other sets once I get to make them.  They would be wonderful Christmas gifts.  Of course you can always whip out the paint and make your own.  It is so much fun.

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