Friday, November 5, 2010

We haven't been feeling...

Too Crafty lately. :) Or maybe it is momma hasn't. All Abby wants to do lately is watch cartoons...I know we are turning her brain to mush. Actually we have cut back on tv quite a bit the last week. It has been hard with it getting colder out to do things outdoors and when she comes home from school she should nap. Though she has been fighting it a lot. We rented some videos the other day and one of them was the Office for Sheldon and I. Abby kept asking for Mickey we rented her a Mickey Mouse Club video. She likes it but losses interest pretty fast.

I think today we might make some play dough when she comes home. That will be a nice change of pace. She really enjoyed the bread I made yesterday.

Also, on Wednesday we went to storytime. I think it was the best one yet, it was all about colors and Ms. Karen did a lot of flannel board activities. Abby didn't get off of my lap once. Then we painted. Well Miss Crafty didn't really paint as she doesn't like water colors in the box...but she loved the water. So a good time was had by all.
Yesterday, Abby and I were feeling a bit playful. She sat with me on the front porch after school and we took pics. She loves to look in the camera right after to see the pics. Well none of them didn't turn out very well...but it was fun.

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